Vote NO to legalizing the marijuana industry in Massachusetts.

Question 4 Deliberately Strips Control From Communities and Homeowners Because Marijuana Industry Knows Massachusetts Families Don’t Want Pot Shops In Their Neighborhoods

The marijuana industry stripped control away from homeowners and communities under Question 4 because they knew that people do not want pot shops in their own neighborhoods, the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts said today.

Under Question 4, local communities and homeowners are given significantly less ability to restrict the number or location of marijuana businesses than we have seen in the Massachusetts casino law, the medical marijuana law, and even marijuana legalization laws in other states.

Today’s Boston Globe report on the the medical marijuana law outlined the concerns raised by local cities and towns and their steps to reject proposed medical marijuana shops in neighborhoods.

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Marijuana's not what it used to be.

Think you know all about marijuana? Beware. Today's drug is several times more potent than was common just a generation ago.

"The Boston Globe" - March 4, 2016

 "The question before us now is whether marijuana should be fully legal and widely available for commercial sale. We think the answer is “no."

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